João Mendes


SPFx Extension I recently published in the PnP community a new Application Extension that allows the user to select a list or library and receive a real-time notification with the information that has changed. This article explains the motivation and my experience in implementing this application. Motivation Not having to be concerned about when information that is relevant to me changes was the main motivation for creating this extension, don’t matter where… Ler Mais

  Client Side Development to SP2013 is not new, but in this Post I’ll try explain my experience with develop a Client Solution App with same technology that are use with SPFx,  Typescript, React, React-Ui-Fabric-React Components, I use the @PnP/PnPjs to access Lista Data. SPFx is supported in SP2016 (Feature Pack 2) and SP2019 but not in SP2013. First Step is create a Type Script React Project, I use the create-react-app with create-react-app-ts script  this will scaffold a project with… Ler Mais