List-Item-Attachments control

This control allows you to manage list Item Attachments, you can add or delete associated attachments, the attachments are listed in tile view.

Here is an example of the control:



ListItemAttachments Tiles

ListItemAttachments Confirm Delete

ListItemAttachments Attachment Deleted

How to use this control in your solutions

  •  Install Package
npm i list-item-attachments --save
  • Import the control into your component:
import { ListItemAttachments } from 'list-item-attachments/lib/listItemAttachments';
  • Use the ListItemAttachments control in your code as follows:


The ListItemAttachments control can be configured with the following properties:

Property Type Required Description
listId string yes Gui of List
itemId string yes List Item Id
webUrl string no URL of site if different of current site, user must have permissions
disabled Boolean no Disable Control
context WebPartContext|ApplicationCustomizerContext yes WebPart or Application customiser context

Source code updated in GitHub.


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